On January 13th, 2014 Summer had a beautiful litter of Blenheim puppies. She began delivering at 10am and did not finish until 8pm. She did a wonderful job delivering, barely made a peep. She took her time with cleaning them off and was very careful with the umbilical cords. It really is amazing how the motherly instincts kick in right away when puppies are being born. I always find it so exciting to deliver puppies because we never know what were going to have. Boys? Girls? Black? Brown? It’s always a guessing game until they are all finally here. We used to x-ray the dogs a week before the puppies were born, but have stopped doing that for 2 reasons; 1) x-rays are not very good for you (there is a reason that they ask women if there is any chance they are pregnant when they go in for an x-ray) and 2) many times puppies would be miscounted on the x-rays. Once we had an x-ray show 5 puppies and then we thought we were done and sure enough a few hours later out pops number 6. Another time we thought there were 5, so after number 4 we waited and waited and nothing came, of course being concerned we took her to the vet in case the 5th puppy was stuck and sure enough there was no 5th puppy, it just looked like there was in the x-ray. So now its just a waiting game and I just don’t sleep until I am 100% sure no more puppies are coming. All the puppies in this litter brown and white (Blenheim) because both mom and dad (Stanley) were that colour. Mom and pups are now enjoying being cozy by the fire on this blustery winter day.