Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

A Cavalier is a toy spaniel approximately 13 inches tall and weighing around 16 pounds. They are very loyal and royal little dogs. They have a sweet, gentle, melt your heart expression on their face. They come in 4 different colours. They can be upbeat athletes or couch potatoes; it all depends on their owner’s lifestyle.

What is a West Highland White Terrier?

A West Highland white terrier is a sturdy little dog. They are about 10 inches tall and weight about 18 pounds. They were bred to hunt rats and rodents and because of that are surprisingly strong and tough. They have an all white double coat. They require no pampering and are very independent. They are faithful and intelligent.

What is a Russian Blue?

Russian blue cats are slender and blue (grey) in colour. They have beautiful green eyes. They are about 10 inches tall and weigh about 10 pounds. They can be quiet and reserved until they get to know you and then will be playful and affectionate. They like to follow you around and like a routine.

What is the difference between a male and female cat or dog?

We get asked this question all the time, so which one do you choose? Typically the males tend to be slightly bigger then the females. As far as personality, there is very little difference between the sexes. Most people will choose one sex over the other simply because that is what they are accustomed to. If you have a cat or dog already, we recommend choosing to get a puppy or kitten of the opposite sex as they do tend to have a better chemistry that way.

Do our Cats & Dogs Shed?

The cavaliers, westies and russian blues all shed, but they are all considered low shedders.

Are your Cats & Dogs Hypoallergenic?

  • Cavaliers: not hypoallergenic
  • Westies: hypoallergenic
  • Russian Blues: not hypoallergenic, though it has been said that they are a good breed for people with mild allergies

****If you have allergies, we do not suggest adopting a cavalier king Charles spaniel or a Russian blue

What colours do they come in?

  • Cavaliers: 4 colours. these colours in tricolour (black, tan & white), blenheim (tan & white), ruby (reddish-brown), black & tan (black and reddish-brown)
  • Westies: white
  • Russian Blues: blue (grey)

How often should they be groomed?

Its best if you can brush your cat or dog once or twice a week so that you can remove any excess hair (so they will shed less) and it will redistribute the oils of their skin. You can have your cavalier or westie brought to a groomer if you prefer not to do it yourself.

How much exercise is required for these dogs & cats?

Cavaliers and westies should have about 45 minutes- 1 hour of exercise each day. This also includes running around the house or backyard, not just going for walks. Russian blues should be kept indoors with the ability to run around. They will get their exercise this way. Playing with them is a great way to encourage activity.

What are the life expectancies of these dogs & cats?

Do these cats & dogs do well with other animals?

Cavaliers, Westies and Russian blues are all very good with other animals. In fact they prefer to have an animal companion around to keep them company.

How do I choose the right breeder?

It is very important that you choose the right breeder and we hope to be that for you. When you purchase a puppy or a kitten you want to be sure you are getting one from a responsible breeder that will provide support if needed for years to come. There are a number of things that we provide to our dogs and clients:

  • Parents of our puppies & kittens have all been health tested
  • Copies of our health tests are posted on our website
  • We allow clients to visit to meet us and our cats & dogs (exceptions can apply)
  • Our puppies & kittens are raised in our homes

What do your puppies come with?

Our puppies have been dewormed, seen by a veterinarian, vaccinated, microchipped, come with a 30 day insurance trial, get registered with the ckc, have a 1 year health guarantee and lifetime breeder support

What do your kittens come with?

Our kittens have been dewormed, seen by a veterinarian, received 2 sets of vaccinations, microchipped, come with a 30 day insurance trial, will get registered with the TICA, have a 1 year health guarantee and lifetime breeder support.

Are your dogs registered?

Yes, they are registered with the Canadian kennel club (CKC)

Are your cats registered?

Yes, they are registered with the international cat association (TICA)

What age do your puppies go to their new homes?

Our puppies go to their new homes at approximately 8 weeks of age

What age do your kittens go to their new homes?

Our kittens go to their new homes at approximately 12 weeks of age

How do I reserve a puppy or kitten from you?

After you have made the decision that one of our dogs or cats is right for you then you will submit a puppy or kitten application. Once we review your application we will determine if we feel one of our puppies or kittens is a good fit for you and if so then we will email you to let you know that you have been approved. Once approved, if you would like to move forward with our waiting list we ask for a $250 non-refundable deposit via e-transfer or cheque.

Does everyone get approved for a puppy or kitten?

No, not everyone is a perfect fit for one of our puppies or kittens. Especially those that suffer from allergies, if you are allergic to dogs, cavaliers are not a good choice for you. If you have cat allergies, neither are Russian blues. However westies would be a good choice.

Do you offer a health guarantee?

We offer a 1 year replacement genetic health guarantee for our puppies and kittens. We take every precaution to ensure that your puppy or kitten is healthy, however when dealing with living beings things can still come up that our out of our control. Please be aware that puppies and kittens are prone to parasites such as roundworm, tapeworm, coccidia, giardia, etc. We do our best to eliminate all parasites prior to the puppies or kittens leaving our house, however it is possible that they have one when they go to their new homes. It is important that you bring a stool sample to your vet within the first couple of days of bringing your puppy or kitten home so that if needed they can have another dose of parasite control. We do not cover parasites in our health guarantee.

Do you do Health testing on your dogs?

Our adult Cavaliers get OFA (orthopedic foundation of animals) certificates for their hearts, eyes, patella’s and hips. We also do DNA testing for episodic falling and dry eye/curly coat.

Our adult Westies get OFA certificates for hips, eyes, patella’s and Legg-calve Perthes. We also do DNA testing for Craniomandibular Osteopathy (CMO).

Do you do health testing on your cats?

Our adult cats have a DNA test done to do genetic screening to ensure they do not pass any genetic diseases onto their kittens.

Can I come and visit?

Yes, we are happy to arrange a visit with you to meet our adult dogs or cats.

Can I choose my own puppy or kitten?

Depending on where you fall on our list you may be able to choose between multiple puppies or kittens or there may be only 1 available. When they are 2-3 weeks old we will send you pictures of your choices and you can choose which one you would like.

Do you ship your puppies or kittens?

No, we do not ship our puppies or kittens. We find because of the size of the puppies and kittens it is much too hard on their little bodies to be shipped so if you would like to purchase a puppy from us and live out of the country or out of province you will have to travel to us to pick your puppy or kitten up.

Do you offer support after we have purchased a puppy or kitten from you?

We absolutely offer support for our clients after they take their puppy or kitten home. If at any time in your puppy or kitten’s life you have a question you can contact us and we are happy to help in any way we can.

Do you recommend pet insurance?

Yes! We highly recommend pet insurance. All of our puppies and kittens go home with a 30 day free trial of Trupanion pet insurance. If you want to continue this coverage (which we recommend you do), you can choose which deductible is the best choice for you. We do our best to ensure we our producing healthy puppies and kittens, however just like people they can still have health issues. Having pet insurance will give you peace of mind if anything does ever happen.

Will you rehome my dog or cat if I am unable to care for him or her?

We will absolutely do our best to help you re-home your dog or cat if for some reason you can no longer care for him or her.

Do you ever sell older dogs or cats?

When our cats and dogs retire from breeding we look for a suitable family to adopt them. Our adult dog and cat questionnaires can be found here: