“We brought home our 13 week old Blue Russian kitten a month ago. We had been forewarned by 4 different cat owners that it might be several days or even two weeks (in one case) before she came out of hiding under furniture and adjusted to her new home. It speaks volumes about how well Cedar Creek Kennels socializes its kittens with humans that our kitten, Meeka, only spent only an hour hiding under our couch before running 3 meters (yards) to her litter box. Within another three hours, not only was she eating and drink from her food and water bowls; but, she was also coming up to us to be petted. Within a day, she was confident enough to curl up and fall asleep on laps.

A week after welcoming her into our family, we took her to a vet for a check up. She stated “You have a very healthy kitten, free of parasites and disease. Someone took extremely good care of her.” We heartily agree.

– John

We picked up our Russian blue kitty from cedar creek kennels and Laryssa was wonderful to work with. She let us visit with the mother on our first visit and answered all our questions about the breed, process, etc. She was flexible in days/time, and we appreciated that. We also got to meet the father of our kitten on the pickup day which was great. She spent the time to go through all aspects of bringing our little guy home, let us ask as many questions as we wanted, was very knowledgeable and patient with our kids who came along for the visits. Best of all, we love our kitten!!

– Christina Giannone

“We picked up our Russian Blue, Jupiter, on October 31st from Cedar Creek Kennels in Amaranth Ontario. He is a beautiful kitten in excellent health and a joy to our family. Laryssa was amazing to work with and is always available to answer questions. Very trustworthy with great information on how to adopt and care for our wonderful fella.”

-Tracy, Jazz, Brigitte and Dorian VanSantvoort

After losing our 15 year old cat, our family was really missing the love and company of a pet. We were so happy to find a Russian Blue, as they are known to be hypoallergenic in most cases and we have a son with allergies. Laryssa was excellent throughout the entire process of adopting our kitten. She communicated in a timely manner and answered any questions we had. We received our kitten in great health and had no concerns. Nova has settled in with our family of 6 perfectly and we all love and adore her immensely.

– Dawn


We adopted our 2 Russian Blue fur baby boys, Misty and Foggy, from Cedar Creek about a week ago. It has been one of the most special weeks for our entire family! With 2 young kids (10 and 8 years old) who are big animal lovers, we knew that the day will come when we would welcome a pet into our family. After a lot of research on different animals and breeds, we settled on Russian Blue cats. We are incredibly lucky to have found Laryssa at Cedar Creek. Driving 7 hours to pick them up was absolutely worth it!! The communication and support throughout the process has been amazing, and it’s clear that the kittens were so loved and cared for during their first few weeks of life at Cedar Creek. They are the best kittens we could have ever hoped for! They have settled into our home beautifully. They were eating well and using their litter box from the beginning, and they are now so comfortable playing and cuddling with all members of our family. They have a beautiful energy, and they get along so well together! Adopting two kittens was a great decision for our family. Watching them play together is so adorable and heartwarming. We are so grateful that Misty and Foggy came into our lives and we look forward to many beautiful memories with them!

– The Kalache Family