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Russian Blue Cats – The Breed

Origin: Russia
Date of Origin: 1860’s
Height: 10 inches
Weight: 7-15 pounds
Coat: short-haired
Colour: blue (grey)
Russian Blue Kittens Ontario

The Russian Blue is an elegant, intelligent cat. They are a very engaging companion. They like to observe people to make sure they are worthy of their companionship. They can be sometimes seen as shy, but it is really them being reserved with strangers while they fully assess them. Once they decide you are worthy of their attention, they are extremely affectionate and expect that you show them affection in return. They are quick to learn and very playful. They get along well with children and other pets. They are a great choice for a family because they are content with their own company while you are away, but happy to spend time on your lap or playing with you when you return.

Russian Blue Breeders Ontario

The Russian blue is a very healthy breed, rarely having any health issues. There are no diseases specifically associated with Russian blues; however you must be aware of issues that can affect cats in general. Some of these things include obesity if overfed, urinary issues including kidney stones, bladder infections, etc and dental disease. There are some genetic disorders that can be tested for, so we have all our adult cats DNA screened before they are bred.