Adoption Process

Purchasing a puppy can be a life changing experience and we want you to have a pleasant one with us. We want it to be a smooth process from start to finish, so please look at the steps in adopting a puppy from Cedar Creek Kennels.

  1.    Browse our Website

Please read though our entire site and educate yourself on us, our breeding practises and the breed. It is very important you visit the health page of the breed you’re interested in so you are aware of potential health problems that the breed can have. Our Q & A page has a lot of great information on it as well. Once you have decided this is the right breed for you then you can move on to the next step

  1. Fill out a puppy application

Once you have decided you would like to move forward in adopting a puppy we ask that you fill out a puppy application so we can learn a little bit about you. This helps us determine if we feel this breed might be a good match for you and for us to better decide if we think this could be a good fit. Dog ownership is a big responsibility and we want to make sure you are ready for this big step.

  1.    Place a Deposit

Once we have decided that we feel you would have a good home for one of our puppies we will contact you via email to let you know. We then ask for a $250 deposit via etransfer or cheque in the mail. Deposits are non-refundable but they are transferable to another litter if for whatever reason when we have a puppy available for you the timing doesn’t work.

  1.    Prepare for the Arrival of Your puppy

We know how hard it is waiting for a puppy to arrive, but it is a good time to read up on training puppies and puppy proofing your home. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to bring a new puppy into your home. Once we have a litter of puppies born and we get to your name on our list we like to wait until they are about 2 weeks old to ensure they are healthy and growing well and then we will contact you to let you know what we have available

  1. Picking Your Puppy

Once we have a litter of puppies and are at your name on the list we will email you with pictures of the puppies and your choices. Depending on where you fall on the list and what your colour and sex preferences are sometimes there can be a choice of multiple puppies and other times there may be only one available. You have the choice to choose one of the puppies from that litter or if you prefer to wait for the sex/colour you had specified in your puppy application, your deposit gets transferred over to the next litter. Once you choose a puppy, we take a 2nd deposit to confirm you will be taking this puppy.

  1.    Waiting to pick up your Puppy

As your puppy grows, we will send you updates on how he or she is doing along with an updated picture so you can watch how they are growing. Unfortunately, we do not allow visits on the puppies before they go to their new homes to protect the babies from germs. Years ago someone came to visit their 6 week old puppy and they tracked parvovirus into our home. They had stepped in feces somewhere that had the virus in it, our mom dog picked it up and though she didn’t get sick (because she was vaccinated) she passed it onto the puppies and the litter got sick. Unfortunately, we lost that woman’s puppy as she was the first one to contract it and it can be a deadly disease. We were able to save the rest of the puppies but vowed we would no longer do puppy visits as it is not worth the risk. We want to protect our babies for our own sake and for their new owners. In the meantime, this is when you should visit our puppy shopping page so you can purchase anything you need to get ready for your puppies arrival.

  1.    Picking up Your Puppy

One of the emails we will send you will be about pick up. We will together agree on a date and time that works for both us to pick up your puppy. When you come to pick up your puppy, your puppy will be freshly bathed and have had his or her nails trimmed. We will sit together and go over some information with you and answer any questions you might have to ensure you are going home completely comfortable with your new fur baby.

  1. Staying in Touch

We love to hear from you! We love our dogs and our puppies and love to stay in touch. Please send us pictures and updates on your puppies so we can see and hear how they are doing. If you ever have any questions or anything you want to chat about, please feel free to reach out to us. We will do our best to help in any way we can.


 (Puppy application here, sending you separately)


 Our companion puppies are $4000 + HST, if you are interested in a potential breeding dog lease inquire as to the cost.

Included in this price is a puppy that is dewormed, vet checked, first set of vaccines, tattooed, registered with the CKC, a 1 year health guarantee, 30 day pet health insurance, puppy package and life time breeder support.

We raise our puppies in our home with our family. They require lots of care, love and attention from us to ensure they are well socialized when they go to their new homes. We do our absolute best to ensure we are raising the best puppies.

***Prices are subject to change at any time; however the price at the time of your reservation will be honoured unless you have decided to defer to a future litter due to personal reasons.

***Deposits are non-refundable, but are transferable

Shopping for your Puppy

(this will include a list of items we recommend as well as amazon links when we set that up)

Tips for when you bring home your puppy

  • Jumping– you must always make sure the puppy does not jump or fall from any large height (couch, chair, bed, etc.) as that can be very damaging to the puppy’s knees and hips as they develop
  • Bathing– do not bath your puppy too often as it will dry out their skin, we recommend bathing them once a month. For cavaliers, try not to get water into their ears as it is harder for them to dry inside because their long ears hold in moisture. Westies should be bathed with a sensitive shampoo.
  • Eating– we recommend free feeding your puppy if possible, if your puppy likes to eat too much or you are unable to free feed due to other pets, etc then we recommend splitting up their food into 3-4 meals per day. They should be on puppy food until 1 year of age and then slowly transition to an adult food. It’s very important they are on a good quality food and that it is not grain free as that can lead to heart problems
  • Drinking– make sure the puppy has access to water at all times, it’s a good idea to give a puppy distilled water for the first week to help their body adjust to the change in water
  • Exposure to other dogs– puppies are not fully protected until they have had their next booster shot, so it is not recommended that the puppy interact with other dogs until then
  • Vaccinations– our westies puppies have had a DHPP vaccine and will be due for their next set at 11-12 weeks of age. Our cavaliers are on a different vaccine protocol as they are sensitive to vaccines. They have had a parvovirus vaccine and can get the DHPP vaccine at 11-12 weeks. We have developed this modified vaccine schedule with our veterinarian, as we feel it is the best vaccine protocol for this breed
  • Vet check– we ask that you take your puppy to your vet within 2 business days for a puppy check-up. This helps establish a relationship with your vet and gives you piece of mind that you have a healthy puppy. If for any reason your vet feels this puppy is not in good health you are welcome to return the puppy to us for a refund minus any deposits given or exchange your puppy for a future puppy. We ask that you have a health certificate printed from your vet from this visit and that you email us a copy within 1 week of picking up your puppy. We also recommend bringing a stool sample with you to this visit to have the stool examined to ensure there is no need for another dose of dewormer.
  • Spay/Neuter– we ask that you have this done at 1 year of age and then send a copy of the spay/neuter certificate to Cedar Creek Kennels (mail or email). Once we have received the spay/neuter certificate we will send you your CKC registration.
  • Crate training– we recommend crate training your puppy as this is a safe place for them and it is best not to interact with the puppy while they are in their crate so they know that this is their personal space
  • Insurance– you have been provided a 30 day trial insurance voucher from Trupanion and we highly recommend continuing with pet insurance as you never know when something unexpected can happen with your puppy.
  • Nuvet supplement– we have the puppies and our adult dogs on this supplement. We recommend keeping the puppies on this supplement as it’s a good multi-vitamin for them to have that will help with their overall health
  • Tattoo– your puppy has a CKC registered tattoo on their stomach
  • Teeth– it is extremely important to brush your dog’s teeth, not doing so can lead to major health problems

Adoption Contract

(I would like this to be a document that is password protected, only people with password can access it, contract will be in separate document)