Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Testimonials

‘’Rosie is 6 months old now and I can’t imagine how I managed to live without her! She’s such a beautiful baby and Laryssa has been wonderful since before Rosie was born and since we’ve had her, the very best contact. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough! I’ve had dogs all my life and have loved them all but this little baby Rosie is very, very special!’’– Marian

“I researched many breeders and found that cedar creek kennels was the best. Laryssa takes exceptional care of her dogs and treats them like family. my puppy Flynn came home and was well socialized and is the most wonderful dog with an exceptional personality…I highly recommend cedar creek kennels if you want a beautiful kind and healthy puppy.”

– Vivian Greening

“My husband and I were on a search for a puppy that would be perfect for me. I suffer from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome HM and so a calm, happy clown of a puppy was so important to us to help me cope with the chronic pain and disability. I found Cedar creek and the Cavalier King Charles by watching Pick a Puppy and by the end of the show was so in love with the breed and Laryssa and her family. I contacted Laryssa and was so surprised and happy to get a quick response. We corresponded for a while and she was always so patient with me, understanding my concerns about my health and whether this breed was right for me. She never got tired of me asking questions and when the time was right for us and a litter was born we drove out to see our little puppy. Before Stanley Jr (his cava Daddy is Stanley) I didn’t know a puppy could bring such joy to not just me but my husband, his sons and our family. Even strangers we meet on walks. People come over to see Stanley, pet him, ask what kind of dog he is and walk away with a big smile. He seems to make everyone smile. I send Laryssa pictures and updates and she’s been wonderful, supportive to us long after our adoption of Stanley. If you want lots of puppy kisses, big melty brown eyes, the most beautiful looking, sweetest dog and constant attention from strangers, then this is the breed for you.”

– Tracey Peck

“Nearly a year has passed since I adopted my cavalier puppy from you. Penny is all grown up now! Seems like it wasn’t that long ago that I brought her home, then the next thing I know she was spayed, and then she was celebrating her 1st birthday, and now it’s almost been a full year. She has been such a pleasure to have, and I am so blessed to have her as my own and watch her grow over the year. She is definitely one of the best things that has happened to me, and I can’t express how much I love her and how much joy she has brought me.
Thank you so much again for bringing her into my life. You were so wonderful to work with, and I thought you might like to know that. I have told many about you and how good of an experience I had.”

– Katie Gardner

“My husband and I always knew we wanted a dog to join our family, and after much research came upon the delightful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Once we had our hearts set on the breed, it was incredibly easy to find Laryssa and Cedar Creek Kennels as the responsible and kind breeder we were looking for. We are so happy with our little guy- he came well socialized with a love of music and every kind of person imaginable. Thank you for this amazing dog, we can’t imagine our family without him.’’

– Jessica, Harrison & Kylo

‘’Marty is the sweetest little dog you could ever imagine. His tail never stops wagging and he is the definition of our best little buddy. Inquisitive and intelligent, he wins everyone over with his bright smiling chops and jaunty gait. He loves every dog and person he meets, and is very responsive to training. We can’t picture our lives without him!’’

– Brittany and Scott

“Over six years ago we brought our Molly home from Cedar Creek Kennels. At that time Laryssa was a knowledgeable breeder and Molly remains the love of our lives. In January 2020, we adopted Stanley. Stanley is a retired stud at Cedar Creek Kennels and happens to be our Molly’s father. I can’t thank Laryssa enough for letting us adopt Stanley. I cannot give enough compliments to Laryssa and Brad for the exceptional care they give their working dogs. Stanley is wonderful. He is a gentle soul that has fit right in with our family from our grandchildren to my ailing father-in-law. Stanley seemed to know that he was needed and bonded immediately with my father-in-law. They were best friends and inseparable. Thank you Cedar Creek Kennels for breeding exceptional King Cavalier Spaniels. I know it was difficult for Stanley to leave Cedar Creek and we remain forever grateful that he is with is.”

– Cheryl and Jim (and Molly and Stanley)

“We picked up got our Cavalier King Charles spaniel 2 years ago and he is the sweetest dog ever. He is super healthy and full of love. Laryssa was great at answering all of our questions before deciding on getting a puppy so we were confident that we were getting out puppy from a reputable breeder. Even since we have brought him home, she has been great with answering all of our “first time dog owner” questions. We can’t imagine our lives without Sherlock. If we decide to get another cavalier (which we are seriously considering), it will definitely be from Cedar Creek. Highly recommend!”

– Helen

“We started our search for a puppy back in the early spring, doing a lot of research as to the reputable breeders as you need to do your homework. With Laryssa we found she was very helpful, informative, answered our emails in a timely manner, took calls and was very warm and knowledgeable. These puppies are raised with her family, and you can tell! Our puppy is very sweet, listens to commands and has a calm disposition. When our puppy was ready, again Laryssa answered our questions, gave us a checklist of what we needed and made suggestions about food, and other questions we had about feeding and training and what to watch for. You totally get what you pay for, because when you go through a breeder you are getting a highly quality puppy. We cannot thank Laryssa enough for always keeping in mind not only her clients but the well being of the puppy’s she so lovingly raises. We would highly recommend her to anyone near or far, who is looking for a reputable breeder.”

– Tracey

“Omg Ollie is the best dog. He is a loveable and cuddly King Charles Cavalier. You can tell that Laryssa looks after her dogs to the highest degree I would never get a puppy anywhere else. Larissa is very helpful with questions and suggestions to help the transition of a puppy into your family. When I received him he was clean and the Vet gave him a clean bill of health – she mentioned that the breeder was a good one. Thank you Cedar Creek and Laryssa”

– Susan

We received our puppy in Spring 2020 and fell in love instantly! Laryssa at cedar creek kennels is amazing and really knowledgeable with the cavalier King Charles breed. She answered any questions we had and was really accommodating for us as we were making a 6hr drive to pick him up. Highly recommend this breed and breeder – we adore our Cooper so much!”

– Laura

I’m writing this while looking at my adorable, happy, and healthy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy Claudius.

Cedar Creek Kennels was great to work with. Laryssa is so knowledgeable and was always fast to respond and was patient with my questions. You can tell she’s passionate about what she does and loves her dogs and puppies.

Picking up the puppy was a great process and she was very detailed with information and, again, she was great at answering any and all questions. Her property was lovely and what lucky dogs to grow up there.

I am so happy to have gotten my life long best friend here.”

– Caroline

West Highland White Terriers Testimonials

‘’I always knew West Highland Terrier was the dog for me. I just needed to wait until the point in my life where I could bring a dog home. This gave me a lot of time to research! When I was finally ready to take the plunge my research brought me to Cedar Creek Kennels. I could not be more happy that I found them! Haggis is now 6 months old and the absolute best puppy in the world! He has a wonderful temperament, loves all people and dogs. He is great with kids, and endlessly patient with my 1 year old nephew who loves to give him ‘gentle’ pets and hugs. My entire neighbourhood adores Haggis and on a near daily basis strangers come up to tell me how much they love seeing my puppy walk by and how sweet and adorable he is! (They’re not wrong!) Cedar Creek Kennels take great care to ensure their puppies are healthy and well socialized and this makes such a difference in the dogs they will become! Thank you Laryssa and Cedar Creek Kennels for Haggis. I love this dog!’’

– Keira

‘’As a first-time dog parent, I wanted to be as certain as possible to choose the right breed and the right breeder. After settling on a West Highland Terrier, I did a lot of research to choose a breeder. Upon speaking with Laryssa, it was clear to me that she was knowledgeable, thoughtful, and committed to selecting good homes for the puppies. She brings up the puppies in a family environment and is very concerned for their health and wellbeing. Our pup, Rufi, is an absolute joy – smart, funny, affectionate, active, and easy-going. He is also unbelievably beautiful. Our friends at the dog park were shocked to hear that he is only 10 months old as he is so calm and so responsive. He is very easy with my twelve-year old and plays happily with our cats, as well. We are already thinking about applying to Laryssa for another puppy as Ru has brought so much happiness to our home. I have no regrets at all about having him, and am not sure why I waited so long! I would recommend Cedar Creek Kennels absolutely and, in fact, have done so already many times!’’

–Kate Laing, Ottawa

‘’After deciding as a family to go ahead and find a dog the would suit our experience as dog owners (limited), our next direction was to find a breeder. Our research brought us to Cedar Creek Kennels. We were nervous at first. All your reassurance and advice proved extremely helpful. He (Brodie) was everything we had hoped for. We can’t thank you enough for giving Brodie to us. We are all so in love with him. He’s such a great dog and has brought so much love to our family. He was easy to train and has such a great character. We absolutely adore him. Our Westie (Brodie) has become one of us. P.S. I think he loves us too. With great appreciation and thanks.’’

– Gloria , Joe, Andrea , Francesca , Gianluca, and Brodie

“I’m so happy with my Westie puppy from Cedar Creek Kennels, and for the knowledge, professionalism and care that Laryssa has provided me and my new little girl. I fell in love with this beautiful puppy instantly, and it’s obvious she’s been well cared for in first 8 weeks. Laryssa makes herself available to help answer questions, and set us up for success with the information package she provided when I went to pick up the dog. Thank you Laryssa for raising my new best friend with lots of lots!”

– Erika

“It was a pleasure to deal with Laryssa at Cedar Creek Kennels. When I called and spoke with Laryssa she was so knowledgeable and caring about the puppies, I felt an immediate connection to her. I felt so comfortable to know that she was the breeder of our future puppy and that our puppy was going to be introduced into a warm, caring, family environment. Our Maggie, a West Highland White Terrier has settled in to our home and I know that is the direct result of being introduced into a family lifestyle with children around. We couldn’t be any happier, we look forward to a continued connection with Laryssa in the future.”

– Karen

Had a great experience getting our Westie with Laryssa! She answered all of my questions and gave us so much information including what to get. Could not recommend them enough. And we already have to people who have asked where we got such a sweet girl!”

– Caitlin H

Laryssa /Cedar Creek have been amazing to work with! We are grateful for Maggie May our Westie who is now 3 and for our new Puppy (Maggies sister) Daisy Duke who we adopted this week. Laryssa made sure with Maggie she was going to a loving home (and we appreciated this). Laryssa answered any questions we had/have… and provided us with excellent information to help us/Maggie/Daisy settle in. Maggie came to us and was so well adjusted as is Daisy. When we visited their beautiful property and met Laryssa we understood how much these dogs/puppies are loved (in a family setting). These Westie’s are incredible. If you read about West Highland Terriers these dogs are that to a T! Also I have had many groomers tell me how amazing Maggies Skin is and how soft her hair Is. We are very grateful that we met Laryssa and Cedar Creek. Maggie has been an incredible addition to our large family (we have 4 kids 22-11) and we are thrilled to welcome Daisy. If your considering Cedar Creek be assured you are getting a healthy smart wonderful puppy/dog!”

– Jeanne L

“We love the new Westie in our life. Having a puppy was a first for our family and Laryssa at Cedar Creek was helpful and understanding from my initial enquiry. He was puppy-pad trained when we got him which was a big help in the beginning. Our little guy is 6 months old today and doing great. Thank you!”

– Calum

Purchased a West Highland White Terrier from Cedar Creek Kennels. Laryssa was very communicative, supportive, and professional throughout the entire process, from application to pick-up. She made a potentially stressful process so smooth and anxiety-free. We have a very sweet little boy who is happy and healthy – he’s a great new addition to the family.”

– Devon J

We choose Cedar Creek Kennel as the breeder for our 1st family pet. Laryssa is very knowledgeable and she made us feel very comfortable and confident about our decision.
We are very happy with our sweet Westie Max, he is in excellent health and was already pee pad trained when we got him which is a plus. He has adjusted very well to our family and we are very happy with him. Laryssa provided us with all useful information about the care of our dog, she really cares about her pets and the families that adopt them. Thank You Cedar Creek Kennel!”

– Sam E

I really recommend Cedar Creek Kennels I got my sweet boy two months ago and I couldn’t be happier. Nino brings to my house so much joy like nothing imagine before. He is very playful and smart, and always alert of everything around him. Laryssa was very helpful during this difficult time that we all experiencing right now but thanks to her now my family is complete.”

– Lariza L